CCSSO President Elect Atkinson Tips Her Common Core Hand?

“In keeping with our NC Constitution, The State Board of Education will have the ultimate decision as to whether the standards are changed.” – Dr. June Atkinson On NCSPIN 8/19/14

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Gates Foundation Funds “Consumer Reports” for Common Core Resources


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The long arm of the Gates Foundation reaches out to create a rating system for Common Core-aligned materials. Not content to have paid for the writing of the CCSS. the evaluation of the CCSS, the implementation of the CCSS, and the promotion of and advocacy for the CCSS, the foundation wants to take the next step to make sure no one uses anything less than stellar CCSS.

In today:

A ‘CONSUMER REPORTS’ FOR THE COMMON CORE: A new nonprofit funded with $3 million from the Gates Foundation and the Helmsley Charitable Trust launches today with plans to review textbooks and other instructional material for fidelity to the Common Core. will start by bringing in teams of classroom teachers to evaluate K-8 math materials. The curricula will be judged by how well it matches the Common Core and assesses student learning and by whether it offers teachers guidance in…

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NC Parents Slap Down Absurd News and Observer Homeschooling Article

The United States Supreme Court has recognized the importance of parental rights and has repeatedly held that parents possess the “fundamental right” to “direct the upbringing and education of their children.” The Court said: “[T]he child is not the mere creature of the State: those who nurture him and direct his destiny have the right coupled with the high duty to recognize and prepare him for additional obligations.”


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News and Observer recently had an article titled “NC Homeschools and The Common Good” up.

I read it.  I laughed. What a pile of steaming liberal crap.

It’s authored by “Leslie Maxwell of Durham is a writer and adjunct professor of English.”
I Lib Logichumbly suggest Leslie stick to English and butt out of parents doing what is best for their kids.  By the way, her ‘war on women‘ attempt was thin at best. Maxwell apparently teaches at Meredith.

The net-net of the homeschool article was that this Leslie Maxwell person clearly is panicked that people might be teaching their kids on their own and how dare they be so selfish as to only be concentrating on their own children. The Horror.  It’s a pile of “all your kids belong to us” crap we’ve heard from the likes…

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NC Governor McCrory Unveils Operation Rebrand For Common Core (Video)


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Last weekend, NC Superintendent Atkinson tipped her hand on the rebrand strategy for Common Core in North Carolina. This week on the same program, NCSPIN, Governor Pat McCrory repeated the same statements.

In the initial part of the conversation, McCrory made a weak dodge on testing and should be called out — all major tests are Common Core aligned. Hasn’t his Teach For America Alum and Education Advisor, Eric Guckian, told him that yet?

The NCSPIN host confirmed with Governor McCrory that the Governor has been “a big supporter of Common Core”. McCrory answered, ” I am a supporter of Common Core but I also recognize the testing aspect needs some revision and change.”

McCrory continued and here’s where the cat is now out of the rebrand bag:

“The title of the bill of Common Core says we’re eliminating Common Core. If you read the bill…

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The Mont Pèlerin Society: The ultimate neoliberal Trojan horse

“Austro-libertarian economists in the Mises/Rothbard mold have always found a home in the MPS, indicating the close ties between the “free-market” anti-statist ideology and the “one-world” agenda of the transnational plutarchy.”

The Daily Knell

Walter Lippmann, the American journalist and CFR co-founder whose ideas led to the birth of the Mont Pèlerin Society

Far from being merely a “debate club”, the Mont Pèlerin Society is an elite globalist organization that played a leading role in shaping the economic policies of several countries and in creating numerous think-tanks devoted to propagating the theories of the Chicago and Austrian schools of economics. In this article, Memehunter delves into the origins and goals of the MPS, and analyzes its impact on postwar economic policies.


The globalist origins of the Mont Pèlerin Society: Lippmann, Rappard, and Rockefeller money

Although the birth of the Mont Pèlerin Society (MPS) officially took place in 1947, its conception can be traced back to 1938. Capitalizing on American journalist Walter Lippmann’s visit to Paris, French right-wing philosopher Louis Rougier decided to organize a “Walter Lippmann Colloquium” (WLC) that would build upon the…

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Advice for the secret CDC vaccine whistleblower

He mustn’t let his remorse make him so weak he can’t tell the truth in the forthright way the truth deserves.

And he has to say everything he knows. The specifics. Names, dates, places, publications, lies. He has to describe exactly who ordered the suppression of the facts, who said the vaccine was safe when it was a loaded weapon.

The untold number of parents and their autistic children who were assaulted and damaged by vaccines deserve all that.

If the CDC had told the truth about vaccine-damage all along, many lives would have been saved, not destroyed.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Advice for the secret CDC vaccine whistleblower

by Jon Rappoport

August 21, 2014

I have been writing about the CDC research scientist who may be about to step out of the shadows and reveal himself—

He was, a decade ago, part of the CDC team who suppressed data showing a clear connection between the MMR vaccine and autism.

If he comes clean now, he will expose deep crimes of the CDC. He will torpedo the ship.

To succeed, he has to be strong. He has had ten years to consider how to go public.

Express his own shame, remorse, and regret? Yes.

But he mustn’t let his remorse make him so weak he can’t tell the truth in the forthright way the truth deserves.

And he has to say everything he knows. The specifics. Names, dates, places, publications, lies. He has to describe exactly who ordered the suppression…

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Breaking: MMR vaccine, autism, CDC coverup

” By Nov 9, 2001, nearly thirteen years ago, senior CDC scientists knew that the younger age exposure to MMR was associated with an increased risk of autism. In 2004 they published, but they hid the results. …”

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Breaking: autism, MMR vaccine, CDC coverup

By Jon Rappoport
August 20, 2014

Sources: Age of Autism, Focus Autism Foundation—

Age of Autism 8/18 article: “Senior government scientist breaks 13 years’ silence on CDC’s vaccine-autism fraud.”

CDC research scientist comes forward, anonymously, comes clean, tells Dr. Brian Hooker that the CDC has known about the MMR vaccine connection to autism for at least 11 years.

Has known, and has intentionally covered it up.

The CDC and the US government have gone to extreme lengths to assert there is no vaccine-autism connection.

This CDC scientist has spoken with Brian Hooker, a PhD in biochemical engineering, many times.

Hooker states he has seen raw CDC data not included in any study. And the data show that:

African-American boys who receive their first MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine before the age of 36 months have a 300% increased risk for autism.

If this…

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