More On The Talent

Real Currencies

Very soon now, we’ll start crowdfunding for the national implementation of the Talent in the Netherlands, called the ‘Florijn’.

We will very much need every cent we can get to get things going so we can build a truly flourishing network, with many thousands of businesses and consumers.

It’ll be an opportunity for all to actually DO something about this most pressing of issues………….

Here’s some more input on the Talent’s specifications.

Money Creation:
Hybrid: some units created as debt free units, and sold for Euro. The euros are put in a ‘stabilization fund’ which can be used to buy up units on the exchange if there is excess supply/insufficient demand.

But most of the units will be created simply as mutual credit: double entry bookkeeping.

Business Model:
No transaction costs! Transaction costs discourage transactions. The last thing we want.

Businesses pay (typically) 10,- per month in the Talent based unit…

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