Is China part of the New World Order?

Real Currencies

Left: Money Power banksters Zhao Xiaochuan and Lagarde preparing World Currency

To many it is unclear whether China is incorporated in the New World Order or a real competitor to Anglo-American Imperialism.  However, there are a number of clear indicators that leave little doubt that the Money Power has co-opted the leadership of the Land of the Dragon a long time ago.

By Anthony Migchels for Henry Makow, Real Currencies, and translated for Argusoog.

History shows that the Money Power has several tools at its disposal to motivate peoples in the right direction. Their fingerprints are all over China.

The Chinese people obviously are not interested in a ‘New World Order’ or losing sovereignty. China is a world upon itself. Its immense size, enormous population, ancient culture, so alien to that of the rest of the world, leaves it with more than enough to worry about, without…

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