Two Interviews And A Recommendation

Real Currencies

This is an interesting second interview with the guys of The Plane Truth.

We get to the bottom of the international situation. Is there a real struggle between Russian and the US Empires? Or is it a war of both States against the Peoples of the Planet?

Babylon is One and while the actors in the play often believe in what they do, ultimately their actions amount to manipulated events. States need war. It’s why they exist. The Money Power manipulates events from behind the scenes and Ezra Pound’s conclusions, that wars are caused by these Banker manipulations, still stands.

We also discuss the main monetary reform proposals out there and the need to improve on them.

Talking with Robert Stark on the Basic Income

Robert Stark Robert Stark

This interview happened a few months ago (sorry for the delay Robert), but its relevance is ongoing.

In Greece Syriza has already shown…

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