Ed Griffin admits the Bankers own all the Gold and that Usury is the issue

The top bankers are interested in it for the usury but their partners in politics are interested in it for control and it’s hard to say which is which, between the two of them, because it’s a revolving door now. I would say central banks, or the big banks that comprise the central banks, and governments now are welded together into one sold piece. It’s hard to distinguish or pull them apart. So the answer to that question is both usury and control.”

Real Currencies

In an amazing interview with the restarted Daily Bell, Ed Griffin candidly admits the Banker own all the Gold and that Usury is their main tool.

Some time back the Daily Bell restarted their operation. Openly admitting they were in it to provide good investment advice, which is fair enough. For a while they left us alone, focusing on commentating on current events. But a few days ago they unexpectedly reopened our little feud with an uncannily scathing attack at paper money reformers in general and ‘the anti-usury crowd’ in particular.

To be honest, I would have ignored it, I don’t really know what there is left to say about Austrianism and the Daily Bell’s quaint economic ‘theories’ that has not already been said many times now. But then a few days later they posted a highly intriguing interview with G. Edward Griffin, directly responding to a number of vital…

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